Cant Install Windows 8 (Stuck after Install Logo) - SOLVED

Hi guys

Im trying to install Windows 8 Pro in my Pc but i was unable to do it. ( I Already have Windows 7 Pro Installed, but I want to have dual boot config)

I tried both USB and DVD install with no luck.

First the installation goes right...

But then before the installation start it got stuck like this

I tried virtually everything in the forums I visited.. disabling usb legacy, disabling SD card readers, start form usb, installing it form windows 7 - wont let me make a Personalized installation just fresh install or upgrading - )

My Actual Config is:

Phenom X3 720 @ X4 955
Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P
4x1GB OCZ SLI 4-4-4-12 800Mhz DDR2
Sapphire 6870
3x Hitachi 500GB HDD (SATA MODE)
1x WDD 500 HDD (Sata Mode)

Any Ideas?

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  1. Update, the same thing happens with W7 boot cd... im unable to reinstall W7 also :S
  2. Try to turn wifi off adn then start it it happens to my dell inspiron n5110 it just freezes when i have wifi on and charging my laptop and haven't found a solution yet
  3. I dont have WIFI in my desktop :( Disabling on-board LAN didn't work also.
  4. Update: Finally Worked.

    Looking at this old post

    I just wait about 10 minutes and Finally it started to install. Odd, but works (in preparing install stage took the same time).
  5. Hi.

    Just got further on an issue like this. Tried multiple usb sticks, trying to install Windows 8. Thought about trying with a DVD, but since BIOS was possible to update via F10 setup, I did, and voila. That did the trick.

    This was a question that hit top 3 on google on the issue, so I thought I'd just share, so that you that reads this takes the steps necessary to update BIOS. It might work for you as well. ;)
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