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I am trying to join computers at a remote office to a domain over a hardware vpn tunnel/gateway. I am using a netgear DGFV338 vpn router at the main office and a dg834gt at the remote office. So far i have managed to establish a vpn tunnel between the 2 routers.

The problem is i now have no idea how to get the remote computers to join the domain at the main office over the vpn tunnel.

At the moment the computers at the remote office are getting ip addresses from the dg834gt and i placed them on a slightly different subnet.

The only thing i want to be able to do is see the shared files on the windows 2003 server at the main office which is connected to the router using one nic.

Can anyone give me any advice please. The previous company ive seen doing this just made shortcuts on the remote pcs desktops that looked like this \\\sharedfiles
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  1. Is your Windows 2003 server a domain controller? Do you have a DNS or WINS configured on it? If so, then add the DNS or WINS to the remote PCs. If not, then add the required info into each remote PC's LMHost file:
  2. thanks for the replys, so if i just leave the vpn gateway as it is and add the dns info of the server into the pcs instead of using dhcp at the remote office i should be able to join the domain ?
  3. Did DHCP work at the remote site? If you have a DHCP server at the site, then configure it to provide appropriate IP addresses and other info required by the PCs such as Router, DNS server(s), DNS Domain Name, etc.
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