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Best $200-$300 single graphics card for Hackintosh?

Last response: in Systems
September 29, 2009 11:37:22 PM

The question is, simply, what would be the best graphics card for a hackintosh today? I intend to buy within the week, and I am a bit concerned that getting something like the GTX 285 from a value standpoint (and slightly outside my budget) since, well, in all honesty, there is better.

I am also not completely up to date as to what graphics are compatible or can work well in a hackintosh... perhaps someone could enlighten me?

For those who are curious about the rest of my build, it is an i7 (LGA 1156) with a Gigabyte MOBO and 4GB of speedy RAM, a 640gb WD HDD, and, of course, a Samsung DVD drive and Antec case+psu.

EDIT: Feel free to ask any questions! And if you think waiting for something is the best option, say so! Thanks - VGM10000
October 1, 2009 7:18:13 PM

when making a hackintosh one should make sure all the components are somthing a real Mac would have so you are right on with an intel cpu instead of a amd.

I would reccomend a gtx 260 or a gtx 275