Seagate 7200.12 250gb x2 RAID0

Hello everyone, i recently bought a 2nd barracuda 7200.12 for raid0 it turned out it had a access time of 12.7ms while the other hard drive access time is 15.5ms...and there the exact same drive...also is this good performance for raid0 or is it lacking...would 1 12.7ms 250gb drive be better ?

Many thanks.
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  1. Real world performance of 2 drives in RAID-0 will always be better than the performance of either drive separately; even though in this case access time is higher.
  2. 12.7ms sounds very high to me for a modern 7200rpm drive. Access times will also become longer as the disk fills up. Are the drives full?

    RAID 0 will improve transfer rate but not access times. In fact you will most likely see randomaccess times exactly 1/2 way between the 2 numbers as 1/2 the requests will be handled faster and 1/2 slower assuming you're accessing data smaller than 1 block.

    Have you tried the drives standalone or on another controller? Does your RAID controller have cache? Is diskcache enabled?
  3. This is ran on the intel controller the gigabyte controller doesnt give me good transfer rates.....also i reinstalled windows 7 and made a new RAID Array which is split into 2 one being 160gb for OS and 305gb for games and stuff. Windows infact loads slower??!?!?.....29 seconds instead of 24...

    And the access time seems good also.
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