ESATA write speed is half as fast as USB 2.0 on new enclosure.


I just purchased an Oyen Digital eSATA Mini Pro enclosure and a Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD10TPVT 1TB HDD.

After putting it all together, I ran some bench marks, and discovered that my eSATA write speed was incredibly crippled. Here are the HD Tunes:

Oyen Digital on USB:

Oyen Digital on eSATA:

for comparison I also put the drive in a Monoprice HDD dock and got these numbers. They still seem low, but at least the eSATA gets speedier.


I'm running an HP laptop with Windows 7-64

So I'm just not sure what the problem is. Should I RMA the enclosure? or the HDD? or both? or is it an easier fix.

EDIT: ooops, messed up the second picture.
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  1. no ideas?
  2. I get very good speeds on HD Tune. I have a 750Gb ESATA drive and it is very quick - can't put up screenshots but using file benchmark as you did I got the following


    Sequential: 29017, 21367
    4kb Random Single: 145IOPS, 250IOPS
    4kb Random Multi: 142IOPS, 229IOPS

    Sequential: 127120, 127148
    4kb Random Single: 160IOPS, 293IOPS
    4kb Random Multi: 163IOPS, 283IOPS

    Not sure what the blocks are showing but I have them all from 64 - 8192 above 125Mb/s Read and Write for ESATA and between 20-25Mb/s for USB

    Sorry dude

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