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Is anyone familiar with the specifications for the Raidmax fans that come with their cases? I have a Smilodon case and the fans have crapped out and I need to replace them. I want to make sure the new fans are as powerful/better then the old fans. Anyone have the specifications for them or good recommendations for replacement?
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  1. Coolermaster, Antec, Noctua, Nexus, Gelid (just some examples) make good case fans. Raidmax is crap.
  2. Yeah they are crap, but I'm looking for specifications on the Raidmax fans. I have not been able to find anything about them. For example, CFM and dBA for the fans. That way I can buy comparable CFM but lower dBA fans.
  3. I'm replacing my both 120mm fans and my 80mm fan by the cpu. I got a coolmaster green led 120mm fan in the front that pulls alot more air than the stock one. Its a little bit louder but its doing its job.
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