DDR3 1600 for AMD X4 and MSI mobo

Most of the RAM I have seen says it is designed and tested with Intel based systems and they do not guarantee stability in amd based systems.

What ram is good for an AMD based system?

will timings of 7-7-7-24 be much faster than 9-9-9-24?
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  1. Not noticably, in most applications you wont notice a difference between the two, its more recommended to get timings over clock speed though, but also factor in price as well to balance
  2. Hi.

    You will see a big difference, a lower CL means a faster speed RAM.

    Now, for a good advice about the RAM, please post the CPU, RAM (if you already have it) and MOBO that you have.
  3. Follow saint's lead and tell us how much money you have available for ram, then, the suggestions can roll in...
  4. I have up to $135 for the Ram. If its a little cheaper that would be good.

    AMD X4 635 Chip


    MSI 785GM Board

    PS. Great Rig Chef. My brother in law runs something very similar.
  5. You can get this G.Skill 4GB (2x2GB) 1600 DDR3 are very good RAM.

    But I can't understand the AMD X4 635 chip OR MSI 785GM Board. What do you mean with that?
  6. l just noobin it up lol...my bad meant &.
  7. Get the athlon x4 620 and mildly OC to 635 speeds, will save yourself a bit of money :D
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