Random Restarts

Hello all i am a systems engineer and i have the computer from hell at home.

My problem is i get random resets as though i have pushed the reset button on my computer and its driving me nuts.

I have ruled out a hardware issue as i have replaced al lthe parts bar the ram with new ones i am leaning towards a software or driver issue but ill be damned if i can work out what one.

My Machine

Xaser VI Series Case
Intel® Desktop Board DX48BT2
Quadcore Q9950 CPU
corsair ddr3 4 x 1gig sticks
Galaxy 8600 GT OC
2 x WD 500gig HDD
dvd burner

I have run every consevable test on the HDD and hardware and i am at a loss i have rebuilt the machine and i have started from scratch 4 times now and i still get the resets normaly it will reset within 15 min of me using the computer and some times with arround 15 min intervals then it will play ok during the day the main times it resets are between

6:15 -7:30
8:15 -9:00

during day hours on the weekend i can go 4 sometimes 5 hours without any issue.

there are no errors in the event viewer at all!!! and i have turned off that system restart on error in system. if i had a blue screen of death to work with it would be easy!!.

No viruses as i have completely formated my drive 3 times now and i have a new powersupply and motherboard.

I will run a fanin the system tonight to see if its an heating issue but i think it not likerly.

Any idea's???????
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  1. First you could put the hard drive into another system if you have one. If it works there then we know its not that. Also try a different hard drive in the system you are having troubles with, or a different OS. This way we can figure our if it is a hard drive problem or not.
  2. Ran smart tests on both drives all came in the green no errors there.
  3. Ya, but there might be something or some program that is causing your computer to restart. If that is the case i dont think a smart test will show if there is a problem with a program.
  4. Could be PSU. What PSU are you using?
  5. Shadow703793 said:
    Could be PSU. What PSU are you using?


    It could also be caused by faulty RAM/incorrect RAM settings. Running four 1GB sticks of RAM is harder on the motherboard than running a 2x2GB setup. Do all four of your RAM sticks have the exact same speed/timings/voltage ratings? If they do, have you manually set the RAM speed/timings/voltage to the recommended specs in the BIOS? Have you run Memtest86+ overnight to test for RAM errors?

    If the RAM do not have the exact same specs they may not work together at all. In that case, you'll at least have to try setting all the RAM settings to the specs of the lowest rated kit.

    Problems like yours combined with a 4x1GB RAM setup scream RAM problems IMO.
  6. I took 2gig RAM out of the machine and left the side of the case off (just incase it was overheating but i dought it) . The computer didnt reset once last night witch is rare. It looks like a RAM issue but i wont know for certin til i Test it for a week or so but its a good start.

    Thanks for all that answered ill keep you posted!!!
  7. 1. Download and run Memtest86+ over night. If it fails you have RAM issues.

    2. If Memtest86+ passes you more than likely have PSU issues. Could be temp issues also. What are your temps?
  8. I have been having the same issue with my DX48BT2 since the day I got it in Sept 08. I was having random reboots, no blue screen no error codes..... I had Patriot PDC34G133ELK-PC3-1066 - 2x2GB kit installed, one ATA HD & DVD, SapphireATI 4850. I rebuilt the system and watched the temps, (side off with Zalman tall Cooler and a fan on the memory sticks... Monitoring the temps showed consistent temps maxing at <60C... I increased the RAM V from 1.55 to 1.7 in increments, which made no difference, Changed the HD, removed the DVD, all to no avail. Replaced the memory with Patriot PSD34G1333K's and still nada... Currently have RMA'd the mobo to Intel for a swap and hoping for the best...
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