One of PSU's 24-pin main mobo power connector empty, void?

23/24th ok? Doing a first time build. My Antec TruePower New 650w mobo main power 24 pin connector has one pin that is empty, void. Is that normal, for 23 PSU pins of the 24 to have function, and 1 pin null and void... empty? But my Asus P6T Deluxe V2 mobo, however, has all 24 pins ready to receive 24 functional pins from the PSU connector. Normal? Why aren't they both null, void, and empty? That's the strange part. It's the 5th pin in from a side of the PSU connector that is empty, null, and void.

Or did quality control at Antec miss the one pin? Thanks.
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  1. -5v has been gone from the ATX spec for awhile, nothing to worry about.
  2. That's one way you can tell a really old PSU. The -5 volt lead was white. Therefore, if you see a white wire ...
  3. Much appreciated... thought piece of mind could be found here. =)

    Good connector pin website too, thanks!
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