Toshiba A200 Laptop freezes

My Toshiba A200 Laptop freezes when starting - Toshiba words drop off and freeze occurs when next step begins. Cursor continues to blink in upper left corner of screen. Screen remains backlit, with no images. What do I do to overcome this?
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  1. If you have nothing on the laptop you can live without, do a factory restore, i.e back to the way your first got it out of the box, this will prove if a software or hardware fault and clear out any nasties you may have picked up.

    Turn the PC back on and hit the F8 key repeatedly until the Advanced Boot Option Screen appears. Now follow instructions to do a factory restore.
  2. Cannot do that - F8 has no effect - after pressing start, same action each time - computer comes up to Toshiba In Touch with Tomorrow and Intel flag, then blanks screen with cursor flashing in upper left corner. Original 'out of the box' was Vista, and have upgraded to Windows 7 several months back.
  3. I believe this problem started when the laptop shut down with low battery. I do not know if it went into Sleep mode or what has occurred, but cannot get the windows programme to open since that time. Computer starts and then freezes in the start cycle. Any further ideas, please?
  4. The solution provided below might work for such problems:
  5. Well, I think you could try an older date from System Restore. It can also be done with the Startup Repair if there are Restore Points available. Your Toshiba disks allow a Startup Repair. Just put in the DVD and then set Boot Options to the DVD as you start or set the BIOS/CMOS to use the DVD as 1st boot device. Learn this thread for how to perform system restore. If after startup, still it freezes, use the solution from
    Good luck!
  6. Remove unused programs
    Install and run antispyware software
    Free up wasted space with Disk Cleanup tool
    Defragment your hard disk drive
    Disconnect unused network connections:
    Click Start, and then click My Computer.

    On the Tools menu, click Disconnect Network Drive.

    Select the network drives that you no longer need, and then click OK.
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