Temporary freeze

Ok so I have been experiencing random freezes on my computer... the screen locks and the speakers buzz for anytime between about 1-5 seconds. this can be very annoying when your listening to music or playing tf2. It does seem to happen though at those times which means it doesn't just freeze when the computer is idling. Here is my build the most recent part is the motherboard:

mobo- gigabyte MA790x-UD4P
CPU- Amd athlon 64 X2 6400+
Graphics- EVGA 9800gtx
PSU- raidmax quantum rx700 700w
main HDD- 1tb Hitachi deskstar 7200rpm
ram- 2x corsair ddr2 xm2 2gb 800; 2x corsair ddr2 xm2 1gb 800

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

P.S. wasn't sure where i should post this because i don't know the source of the problem
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  1. Ok so an update on my situation, it still freezes but it is pretty much guarenteed to freeze if i plug something in or unplug something(novint falcon, jump drives, ipod). So I'm still not sure if it is ram, mobo, hdd, or cpu. It cant be the graphics card since the sound freezes up too.
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