Reducing HDD noise.

Hi guys,

I've got the Samsung Spinpoint 1TB HDD installed on my rig. However, whenever it gets accessed, it makes a bit of noise, which is getting really annoying. What solutions do you recommend to lower this? Would adding a second (exactly the same) make things better?
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  1. adding a second one would probably make it worse

    is it the noise of the drive accessing or it is vibration?

    you can get acoustic dampening foam for pc to lower noise--dont know how effective it is
  2. It's just noise of accessing. Not vibration. How can I lower that?
  3. try acoustic dampening foam or get a pc case with better soundproofing i guess
  4. You could place the tower farther away from you. Or as mcnumpty suggested, line the case with acoustic dampening material. Note that this will increase your temps. There is nothing you can do to the drive itself to keep it from making that access noise.
  5. Thanks guys. I don't want to fiddle with the case itself because temps are already quite high. Is there a type of drive I should look at that normally has lower noises?
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