RAM Docking Station?

Hey Guys,

I would like to know if a RAM docking station exists.

What I mean is: a docking station that would allow you to insert a stick of RAM, it would then perform read/write passes in order to test the integrity of the stick.

My office currently has a back stock of old PC's and random parts and I am currently going through and disassembling the PC's to salvage the parts that are good. I have a HDD docking station so that I can run tests on those, and I have a PSU tester as well, the only other critical part I need to test is RAM.

I dont really want to build a machine just to test memory. It would be awesome if I could just have a docking station on my desk that I can put a stick into and have it perform tests and give me a simple acknowledgment (like a green LED if the stick checks out fine or a red LED if an error in encountered).

So, is there such a creature? If not then.... patent pending! :non:


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  1. I don't know for certain that something like this doesn't exist, but I don't think so. Considering that we have DDR, DDR2, and DDR3, wouldn't you run into a "no backward compatabilty" problem?

    Unless somebody designed a tester for each generation of RAM technology, the best bet is to breadboard so that the sticks can be removed/installed easier. In theory, you'd have to do insert the modules into a testing device the same way you would into a motherboard.
  2. Thats what I was thinking. I was hoping they had something with 3 different slots, one for DDR, DDR2, and DDR3. I dont know (but wouldnt think) that you would need a terrible intricate device to be able to test the sticks. Just something to write a 1 to a sector then erase it.

    But, again Im not an engineer so it may be harder than it sounds!
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