Crucial 64gb c300 setup boot drive

how do I set this up as my boot drive. I tried and installed windows and it keeps restarting going to blue screen????
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  1. I believe you need to change the boot order of your drives in the BIOS (correct me if I'm wrong, anyone). The computer is attempting to boot from the HDD, which no longer contains an operating system. You need to tell it to boot from the SSD.
  2. Set the Drive to AHCI mode in BIOS, and make it your first boot drive or your first priority.
  3. Is this being installed on a PC or laptop? Any specifics about your system can be helpful. I agree with the above statements, as well.
  4. disconnect all other drives if it doesnt boot, reinstall windows with only the optical drive and ssd connected
  5. I didnt put in my hdd when i was puting it together just the ssd so it would only recognize my ssd.. and i keep getting a blue screen !!!!! it says memory cach dump !!! im new to asking questions on here thank you all for the help!!!

    MY specs are

    asus crosshair formula v am3+..... mobo

    Corsair vengeance 8g ddr3 1600mzh

    Amd phenom x4 955 BE

    corsair TX750 PSU

    Radeon XFX 6850

    ssd Crucial 64gb

    seagate barracuda 7200 1TB

    corsair 600t SE Case
  6. That's probably because it's trying to boot from the nonexistent hard drive. Can you get into the BIOS options, or does it bluescreen even before the BIOS screen?
  7. Yes i can get into the BIOS it blue screens when i get into windows !!
  8. I had went ahead and RMA my board and i just got it back the other day .... befor i sent it back .. i had just put the ssd drive in to put windows on it.. I had read in a maxium pc mag, It said after you build your pc to only put in the ssd drive when installing windows. And thats what i did.. i appreciate all your guys Help it means alot to me
  9. Oh, you did this with a clean install?
    What are your BIOS settings with regards to the boot drive?
    You may have to format the SSD first.
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