Ddr2 or ddr3

how does the ddr3 ram compare with the ddr2 ram..?
i just want to have a rough idea about the difference between both theses types of rams with the same capacity in percentage.?
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    DDR3 generally has a higher clock speed than DDR2, but that doesn't necessarily make it faster. The speed of the memory is a combination of the clock speed and the timings. It's quite possible to a DDR2 module with a slower clock but tighter timings end up being faster than a DDR3 module with a faster clock but longer timings.

    The two types are not interchangeable, you have to get the right type for your motherboard or it won't fit. If you're trying to choose a motherboard, go with DDR3 if all the other factors are equal - it's the newer standard and memory for it will be more easily available in the future.
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