Windows 7 32-Bit Wireless Adapter for Desktop

I would appreciate recommendations for a reliable wireless adapter for Windows 7 32-bit for a desktop PC.

I tried a LinkSys WUSB600N with current firmware, drivers, etc and there are frequent disconnects.
I have spent hours and hours on this issue and cannot afford any more time.
This computer is new with Windows 7 Professional (32-bit) preinstalled.
I am very anxious to get this computer up and running quickly with a reliable solution that others here have used with success.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. My experience is that if you want to maximize your wireless setup, you need to get the same brand for the desktop adapter and the router. So if you get a Linksys WiFi adapter, make sure you're using a Linksys router.
  2. The router is an older SMC Barricade.
    Other XP notebooks do not have an issue with it.
  3. How far is your desktop from the router, and what obstacles does it have to deal with?
  4. The desktop is maybe 20 feet at the most from the router.
    There is a wall and a bookcase on top of a desk in terms of obstacles.
  5. Never liked the latest Linksys gear, prefer D-Link.
  6. Do you have first-hand experience with a D-Link wireless adapter for a Windows 7 32-bit PC (not notebook)?
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