looking for upgrade suggestions/help/thoughts

Im looking for upgrade suggestions

this is the gear i rolling with right now

asus cheap m2n68am se2 mobo
amd phenom2 550
Arctic Cooling Freezer 64(oldone)
ocz 2p1066 2x2gb
asus 8800gs 384mb videocard
ThermalTake W0146R 450W powersupply
Seagate 500GB 7200RPM (SATA2 16MB Cache)
coolmaster 690 case
lg dvd
i was thinking of a new mobo so i can unlock the extra core( if i can) but i think i would
get more performance with a new video card?
i have about 250can to spend what do you guys think?
would like to play mw2 and all right fps
what steps should i think of next?

thanks roddy
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  1. Well, I think if your looking at limited future proofing you need to upgrade the motherboard, and video card.

    With your current setup, I would recommend purchasing a video card first. An HD 4850 or HD 4870 is fine or for Geforce, a 9800 gtx (may need a new PSU) or a gtx 260 (needs a new power supply for sure).

    If your resolution is higher than 1600x900~ than get a 1gb memory video card. Otherwise a 512mb should be theoretically okay.
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