Antec 1200 vs Haf 932 - Which one!

Please give me some advice on the better case. To be completely honest, i prefer the 1200's looks however tests have shown the 932 to be better for cooling. as my cpu is 140w and is currently v hot, i do need this extra cooling. I also need good cable management.
Both of these cases meet my requirements making it ridiculously hard to choose.
However, i have to make a decision quickly!!

Please give advice and your preference! Thanks in advance!
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  1. Both are excellent cases. Both have excellent ventilation, airflow, and cooling. In the technical comparison published right here at Tom's Hardware there really wasn't that much difference in cooling.

    I have the HAF 932. It is a huge beast. The exterior is one that you either love or hate. Even though I have the 932, the Antec Twelve Hundred is a better looking case.
  2. thanks for your advice. Are you knowledgeable when it comes to cooling? Im not sure whether the corsair h50 wc kit or a high end air cooler like the TRUE or coolermaster v8 would be right for me.
  3. Air cooling only for me.

    The Corsair h50 is an entry level watercooling system for beginners.

    Go to the cooling section of this forum:

    Read the second thread which is a Watercooling Guide written by Conumdrum
  4. I have the Antec 1200, it is a nice case with lots of cooling/room but Im considering trying the HAF 932 for its screwless design.
  5. I was thinking of getting a HAF-932 myself but I heard a lot about dust issues due to lack of dust filters. And how it accumulate easily even just running for a week. What I like about it the tool less design which Antec don't have.
  6. robertomad - Ventilation, airflow, and cooling do not play nice with noise and dust.

    I am not a fan of dust filters, fan guards, and perforated mesh. They all reduce ventilation, air flow, and cooling. All three combined can reduce air flow by as much as 80%. I don't mind using a can of compressed air every so often to clean the interior of my HAF 932.
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