Need to solder on a new BIOS socket

Hi everyone,

I need some advice regarding a new BIOS chip. I have an old Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 motherboard with a bad BIOS chip. I need to replace it which would be easy, accept that it is soldered onto the motherboard.

So, I ordered a new (already flashed BIOS chip) and a PLCC socket that I will solder on the board.
Here is my question:

The motherboard has one BIOS chip solder on and a pad for a back-up BIOS chip. Can I simply solder the new chip/socket where the back-up goes without removing the bad chip? Or will that cause problems?

Is it just safer to delsolder and remove the old chip first and put the replacement in the same spot?

Thanks for your help!
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  1. I am not an expert on this but i would say it safer to remove the old bios.

    Cant you just pop out the old bios chip? Some motherboards bios chip just pops rite out of the socket. Or is the socket bad too?
  2. Unfortunately there's no socket. The chip is soldered right on the mobo.
  3. You might as well order a new or used motherboard. Your never gonna succeed on replacing that bios chip.
  4. I wouldnt say never but the likely hood of it working is pretty slim.
  5. Why do you say it's impossible?

    Check it out:
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