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Is Windows Vista for "System Builders" only for people who are going to sell their computer system after they finish building it? Or can they just use it for themselves? I'm looking because for SB's it's like half price of retail.
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  1. you can get a copy of windows 7 premiom OEM from newegg pretty soon. would that work for you?
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    Vista ultimate is the exact same thing as viista premium with a few extra programs thrown in . ONLY get ultimate if you KNOW you need the extra business and archiving tools that come bundled .
    Buying it for home use is just nuts IMO

    The "system builders" or OEM versions are linked to the computer they are first installed on . In theory MS can stop you transfering the OS to another computer , but you can get away with upgrades of hardware .

    Vista is about to be replaced so buy vista 64 with the tech guarantee [ which is an upgrade to windows 7 ] or just wait a few weeks for oem win 7 premium which will be about $100
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