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So basically i have been dealing with this for a while now, but the basic rundown of the issue is as follows.

While using the computer, when it becomes under load i run the risk of the screen going blank and or pixelating out in a white monstrosity. Typically it never happens when on the desktop of W7 or XP, maybe once in 4 months it'll ape s&#^ on the deskie. When i Load WoW, (a low intesity game imo) I can play sometimes for 2 days w.o a hitch, then it'll go to hell) but if i run a game like borderlands, or unreal tournament i run into issues.

Originally I thought the issue was related to the GPU, however i just today recieved the replacement gpu of a different brand and getting the same result.

So naturally I repalced the PSU tested the cpu and memory ect ect. No avail. Thinking it might have been a cpu issue, and just to settle my mind and troubleshoot it down to 1 issue i replaced the cpu with my old cpu that was working, still the same issue. Also did different tests with the gpu's.

I have narrowed it down to two potential issues.

The PSU is bad (super unlikely b.c i know it wouldnt' really even turn on if something was wrong... Its not acting as though the psu is bad so ya... I just have no real way to test it.. i.e. the reason im even saying it

Or the motherboard. The CPU that I am using is rated 40w higher than the motherboard can handle. BIOS is updated*****. However when I put the old CPU into the system which worked for years before i upgraded, It is giving the same issue.

So to my question, Is it possible, to put a CPU rated a higher Wattage than the MOBO can handle, and then create this issue? Could a janked up BIOS flash cause this? Should i upgrade to a new mobo?

My current system is
msi k9-mmv MOBO
AMD 6000+ 3.0 gh dual core WINDSOR (if you look up my cpu make sure you find windsor.. its the 125 beya)
radeon ati 3850 agp
powercolor 4670 agp < card i got today
650 corsair tx650w
2g ddr2

2 harddrives taht are irrelevant unless you think a harddrive could do this ha

My intention is to upgrade to
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128394 MOBO
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161319 GPU

I know that the cpu will work with the mobo same with ram, I DO NOT WANT TO UPGRADE FOR PERFORMANCE. I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE SUSPECTED ISSUE IS. I would really appreciate responses that are relevant to the current problem with my current system, not responses to the tune of "you should upgrade b.c your shtis out of date" I know its old... Im a student... =)

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  1. Yea umm your wondering why your haveing this problem lol. First off the power draw alone is frying the VRMs I am actully shocked it still boots at all there is a reason they put those watt limits on those boards the chips that control the power going to the CPU were only designed to handle a certain amount of power so when you processor is just idling and playing mildly CPU intensive games its fine. The second that CPU calls for that power it needs the motherboard tries to fill its power needs but cant and in turn it overloads the VRMs causing all sorts of funky problems happen. Most likely If you continue useing it this way that motherboard is going to be fried sooner or later my guess it will happen sooner. Also the fact that the board was never designed to use an AM2 socket CPU doesn't help either.

    The Gigabyte motherboard is an OK board me myself i am not a big fan of gigabyte but thats just me. I would go with ASUS but thats just me. As far as your GPU the 5670 is garbage and a waste of money atleast try to get a 5770 or a 5830.
  2. I am not sure I can afford those type recommendations, i am trying to keep the new purchase to below 200 dollars. Would the mobo and gpu i am looking at run something like wow and borderlands wiht a reasonably high frame rate? I.e. 30+ I dont care so much about settings and bling, i just want a smooth gameplay.

    In regards to your comments about my current issues, i guess you never know till someone tells you, this board is compatible with this chip, just not the one made by windsor, there is the same chip same specs that runs within their specs for the mobo, but I didn't realize until way post that the chip was the windsor.

    Is the cpu being over wattage enough of a damage to the system to cause the old CPU thats way under the power spec to fail the same way?
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