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i am having problem with my 4GB micro SD card........... when it is connected with the computer with a card reader my computer shows that there is no card inserted, it is possible to recover the data anyhow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. If you can't even see the card, then you can't recover data from it using the common data recovery tools (they address issues like broken file systems and deleted files).

    You might try a data recovery company; I believe some are now offering card recovery. Expect the cost to be high though. Hundreds of dollars is common, sometimes even more.
  2. will you please tell me the name of companies that offers card recovery...............
  3. Accidently format micro sd card in my phone is there any wey how to get everything back
  4. Rowena0522 said:
    Accidently format micro sd card in my phone is there any wey how to get everything back

    some times data can be recovered by a formatted card but according to my knowledge it is possible in cards which is used in cameras. if you want to recover your data at any cost then contact to a data recovery company.
    STELLAR is a data recover company. visit that site and contact with them by using phone no given on there website.
  5. Until the card is not visible to device manager or BIOS, you could not get your data back, if your card is visible then go for an efficient data recovery software like "Kernel for FAT and NTFS" memory card recovery software for the recovery of your data & files from your micro sd memory card.
  6. how could it even fails? except from nand memory everything else is solid non moving parts??

    did you try it in differnt card readers?

    maybe try heating it a bit or stuff try freezing it. Dont have specific reason but heating and freezing sometimes magically fix things.
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