New Built Computer, Won't turn on

Okay, so I built a computer from scratch for the first time, and it isn't working. When I plug it in, and switch the PSU to on, and then press the power switch (I plugged in the 2 pin connector that says POWER SW to teh 2 pin thing on the motherboard that says PwrSW or something)... i dont know much about computers, but anyway, the light on the mobo turns on, but nothing else does. Help?
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  1. "or something"? That's one thing you should be certain of lol.

    Deep in the checklist you will find that you can use a screwdriver to simultaneously and momentarily touch the two pins on the mobo to try to start it up without using the power switch. That's one thing you can try.
  2. Unfortunately, the light on the motherboard does not mean that much. If you have a case speaker and all you hear is silence, you have 5 possibilities - one of which is very unlikely.

    Bad PSU (includes selecting an inadequate one).
    Bad motherboard.
    Bad CPU - not likely.
    Improper installation shorting out PSU.
    Shorted component.

    System specs?
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