Rebuilt a PC, where are my 3 other cores? :(

I finally got my PC back up and running after swapping out the m/b. I get Windows installed and everything, then check the task manager and see this.

I'm seeing only one core there, and not 4 like I should be. I checked the Bios and the other 3 were enabled. I'm getting sick of this thing.

Any ideas?
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  1. Oh, Quad Core 9550 and an EVGA 790i SLI FTW motherboard in case you were wondering.
  2. View>CPU History>One Graph Per CPU
    it is likely currently set on one graph for all CPU's
  3. Nope. That's the only option.
  4. Hmm, interesting, try running DxDiag to make sure that it is listing your CPU as 4 CPUs, if it isnt there is a bad setting somewhere or there is a physical issue.
  5. this is a new problem .... something I havent seen b4

    but a possible fix is to install the mb drivers . Again if you already have

    and if that doesnt work reinstall windows and then reinstall the mb drivers
  6. check msconfig -> boot -> advanced and make sure its not limiting the number of processors
  7. Checked that as well. :(
  8. Activate all 4 cores in the BIOS if thats an option... i know my 750i has that option.
  9. They're all enabled.
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