Is this computer build a good deal?

Hi, Ive been thinking of just upgrading my Mobo, Cpu, memory and possibly PSU........there really isnt a ton left to change after i do that...

I have a really old mid case thats holding my M2n-sli-deluxe board with a AMD 3800+ (i know) 2 gigs memory. 275 gtx OC BFG graphics card.

I found this custom build company/site
and put this together

Is this build a good deal? idealy id like to stay around 1100-1300

I built most of this system with tigerdirect and i got up to 1100 with out the graphics card and the hard the cyberpowerpc seems like a good deal. It will also come over clocked.

aside from the good deal question.....would it be better to pick the 2 hard drives in raid option over the 1 hard drive with higher cache....and out of all the cooling options will the liquid cooling be a better choice? its on a special atm and is O.C certified by them.

Basicly i want to help future proff my system and have a lil some thing better to build off of......if you have time maybe u see a better build there that would be more ideal....remember i already have a Geforce BFG O.C 896 graphics card.

maybe a build with a 1366 mobo be better for future proofing?

Games i will play for next 5 years (i guess) will include WoW and then Star Wars Old Republic when that comes out...and some FPS thats currently avail
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  1. also found this ....would this be better then the above one? ill change a few selections but wondering if this MoBo and cpu would be better then one above.

    Price seems fair, few builds on tigerdirect that offer way less for near same

    edit: think i put this thread in the wrong spot :(
  2. Kinda decent. If you were to build your own, you'd probably only save a hundred bucks or so.

    I've read mostly bad reviews from cyberpowerpc and ibuypower. Once in a while there's someone who gets lucky and gets a pc that actually works, but for the most part people are always complaining about the customer service support, the build time, and the quality of parts they put in there. The cable management sucks unless you pay for it. Even if you did pay for it, it still sucks. Just look at the videos on YouTube. All they do is tie wrap all your cables. They don't take the time to route them nicely to free up air space.

    But if you must, I'd go for the i7 920 setup. I keep that ATI 5770 if you want to be furture proof. As for raid-0 versus 1 hard drive? If you know what you're doing, then go for the raid-0. If not, then just get the one hard drive. Raid-0 tends to fail more often.

    Then I would sell that GTX 275 and pick up another 5770 for Crossfire.
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