Rampage 3 Gene vs. Extreme / OC benefits for video editing?

I posted here a few weeks ago regarding suggestions on a new system. However, I've been reading a lot of topics that OC is particularly for gamers. I have no idea how a game or SLI chaining benefits overclocking, so bare my naiveness.

I have an Intel 990x Extreme and I plan to keep it. I have a Corsair 24Gb Vengeance kit 1600mhz 9-9-9-24 1.5v ver2.12

I'm using everything at the moment with a G1.Guerilla, but to be honest I do not like the motherboard and I've had problems with it. I plan to buy a SSD revo drive to run my OS and run two SSD 6gbs on RAID 0. This is my editing system.

How would I benefit from the ASUS OC Extreme for video editing vs. the Gene. I just imagine that OC benefits what enthusiast for what real world application or istance. If the OC renders 2 seconds faster than the Gene in rendering mode then I could save lots of money.

Any thoughts please? thank you.
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  1. if this is for professional paid work
    and you are not familiar with OCing
    I would not do it
    OCing can cause stablilty problems
    and doing a render 2 minutes faster but taking a chance of crashing isnt worth it
    also SLI will not help video edtiing as far as I know
    I would look into what software utlizes your GPU for accelerating the render process
    for example I use Cyberlink PowerDirector 9 for my editind and rendering
    and it uses ATI Stream for GPU acclerated rendering which really helps my time
    and I sure hope you plan to keep that 990x Xtreme
    awesome CPU
    will be good for years to come
    no need to upgrade for years
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