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hi all. i've got 3 seagate 500 gb sata 2 drives(exactly same model) and i'm wondering if i can create the raid0 array with them. my mobo has two sata2 ports only. other 6 are sata 3. thanks in advance
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  1. Yes as long as they are connected to the same controller (the 6 SATA III ports probably are on the same controller).
  2. thanks for a quick response. so i need to connect all the drives to sata 3 ports right? and actually is there any difference in bios settings when u r setting raid0 with sata3? because all i could find on youtube is about sata 2. could u or anyone tell me how should i set up the bios for that?
  3. RAID settings should be available in the BIOS. What motherboard do you have? Do you plan on booting from that RAID?
  4. yes i plan to boot from raid. mobo is ga-890fxa-ud5 rev 2.0. may be it depends on which ones of sata3 ports do i connect hdds in? no idea (
  5. Connect the Drives into the AMD SB850...and not the Jmicron and Gigabyte SATA2 controller. I can give you feedback on these controllers as i own the P55-UD5 which has the exact same controllers apart from the AMD one of course. The Jmicron and Gigabyte yielded me low transfer rates...while the Chipset controller gave me more then double performance. Connect all the drives to the Sata 6GB/s or Sata 3 ports
  6. all right i'll try that. thanks )
  7. zurjap said:
    yes i plan to boot from raid. mobo is ga-890fxa-ud5 rev 2.0. may be it depends on which ones of sata3 ports do i connect hdds in? no idea (

    Connect the hard disks to the blue SATA ports. Instructions to configure the RAID should be in your manual.
  8. yes i know which ones r sata 3, but couldn't find anything in manual about installing raid on sata 3 actually. the only problem i have is that i don't know what should be bios settings for system to recognize all 3 discs for raid0. afraid of doing experiments on bios too much )
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    Please refer to page 79 (Chapter 5) of the manual:

    From the manual:
    - Make sure OnChip SATA Controller is enabled
    - Set OnChip SATA Type to RAID
    - Enable ports 4 & 5 if you need them.
    - Save the settings.

    Then reboot and follow the procedure on page 81. At POST, press <Ctrl> + <F> to enter the RAID BIOS setup utility, select RAID 0, assign all 3 drives, etc.

    Since you're setting up a new system, don't be afraid to make changes in the BIOS. If something goes wrong, you can always reset it to its default values.
  10. Try and find Integrated Periphals in your BIOS and put the AMD southbridge to RAID... then your pc will boot up saying press Ctrl+I or something press it and create a RAID array with 3 disks.
  11. thanks to all. i will try again and write back
  12. so thanks to all, i finally made it. it was actually very easy,i just needed to read the manual more carefully ) my 3 disk array works great. thanks for your time and help )
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