Have quad core only one processor shows in sys info but four in device mngr.???

Is XP using all four processors if I can only see four in device manager not in system information??
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  1. yes it is normal.
  2. Related question: When I monitor CPU usage (using task mngr) while doing very intense photo manipulation, the most I get is 25% usage. This leads me to believe Windows is only recognizing one core. ????
  3. Do you have 4 cpu graphs? You should have one for each core. What program are you using? Most software, especially if its older can only use one core, there for 25% of your processor.
  4. No only one. I did get over 60% when using photoshop, as opposed to Corel Paint Shop Pro which only went to 25%. Do I need to reinstal Windows? I tried to delete the cpu from devise manager then restart but still only one processor shows up in system information. Help!!
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    1 Physical processor with 4 cores.

    Run Prime95 with 4 threads and then check cpu usage, it should show 4x100%.
  6. Thanks so much. I tried it and 4 at 100% showed. I am guessing that means all is well even though system info only shows one cpu?
  7. yes.... yes and yes for the last time. it is fine.
  8. Whew.....
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