ASUS P5K-E / Wifi-AP

Intel C2Q Q6600
ASUS P5K-E / Wifi-AP
Kingmax 2GB X 2 + Corsair 1GB X 2 = 6GB
Hitachi 1TB X 2 + Seagate 1TB X 1 + Seagate 500GB X1~

Can someone answer the following questions for me?

1. I want to buy one more Video card as a GPU and then use the GTX260 as a PhysX, can it work? Which Video card do you suggest?

2. I don't know why I cannot use the Wifi module (in using Windows Vista) as a station to let my iPhone to surf the net~ But, I can use it before when I was using Windows XP~~!!!

3. Do you suggest the I change my OS to be Windows 7? Anything that I need to aware?

Best regards from Larry Lai~ :o
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  1. 1.Ati HD 5770 has a great price/performance rate.
    But if you can afford it (240€), the ATI HD 5850 is excellent.
    There are unofficial drivers which allows you to use an Ati as main graphic card and the nVidia as a PhysX.
    2. Try to install the last drivers from asus web.
    3. w7 is much better than vista. The answer is YES.
  2. For Answer No.1, I'm not sure the motherboard is fully support on different ATI GPU with nVidia PhysX~
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