Need help getting RAID 0 to work

Hey everyone,


MSI 890fxa-GD65
(2) 1TB Western digital 7200rpm 64mb cache
generic video card(until i get the dang xfx 6870 working)
phenom 1090T
8gb of patriot memory

I am trying to install windows to a raid 0 set up. I can set the bios to raid, restart then in the raid setup get the two drives in an array. however, when i restart in the first selection in the bios where u view the sata devices nothing shows up? not even the dvd drive, where as if i leave it on the IDE setting its all normal. Is there a way to just set a couple of the ports to RAID or am i missing something all together. If i leave the RAID on and go to windows installation (not even sure how it gets there) then it says the DVD drivers are missing and im not having any luck on the web for this. I think i am just missing a step or something.

Any help is appreciated!

Not sure how to input images on here but if your serious into helping me i can email back and forth.
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  1. I'm having the same problem so you're not alone. It is normal though that the bios doesn't list each drive with raid enabled.
  2. Ok. I just figured it out with some help. Here's what you have to do ...

    Go to and download the Raid driver for your OS.
    Burn to disk or flash drive (be sure you unzip the file first or windows install can't read it)
    set your bios to IDE and the advanced ata
  3. ...continued

    Set ata to RAID
    Next, configure Raid by hitting the ctrl-F when you see it.
    Assign the drives as you like (if you are installing the OS on a single drive just leave it alone)
    Reboot with windows install disk.
    When windows boots you will not see any drives.
    Click to install drivers and browse to find the AMD AHCI RAID driver
    Select to install and wait.
    Now you will see the drives but windows will say it can't install on any of them.
    Don't panic...just reinsert the windows install disc...wait...and then you can go
    You may want to create a partition to leave a 100mb system reserve partition for windows.
    That should do it.
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