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hi all, love ya all! :heink:

So i just ordered a custom water loop that im housing externally except for waterblock on CPU of course. Using a DangerDen Radiator + EK DCP 4.0 Pump + Resevior housing enclosure w/ a 240 + 360 Radiator w/ 5 high speed fans.

My question is that im linking 6 3-pins to one 4-pin via a "Y cable" thats going to computer for power. Total power is 5.06 AMPS (pump/5 Fans). The thing is my 4-pin CPU fan connector on motherboard is only rated for 1AMP. Seems like i must have something plugged into that 4-pin for CPU Cooling or my BIOS/Windows gives a "no cpu fan" warning.

Can i just plug the 4-pin for pump/fans into the power supply and get 12v full power soon as i turn on PSU?
Or should i go thru a Fan Controller.
Or what?

I cant figure out where to plug this 4-pin (3 feet long) for optimal power and PWM options. PWM i can live without just need a full 12V for pump.

Asus Rampage IV
DCP 4.0 12V Pump

thanks all! happy new years!
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  1. There should be a MOBO BIOS setting that ignores the CPU_FAN when it isn't populated by a CPU heatsink/fan. Just change this and you should be fine.
  2. ok thanks, i should be able to do that.

    So Just plug it directly into PSU for full 12V power? I do not want my pump running at 8V as thats starting volt. Same goes with fans.

  3. You can run it from a fan splitter off a molex.
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