I am Buying a gaming laptop help PLEASE!!!

Hi all i live in aus and need a laptop (desktop replacement) for gaming.

I have a budget of $3000-$4000 AU and have had a look at the alien ware m17x, the sager, clevo's, origin pc and a few other portable gaming rigs. The alienware m17x is frankly complete sh*t its a decent computer if u shell out seven grand! I had a look at the american site compared to the Australian site and was completely shocked to find that there was two thousand dollars difference (if you opt for the best specs on both sites).

Anyway i need a laptop and was hoping maybe you guyz could help i need:

GPU: dual sli gtx280

Processor: qx9300 or if possible i7 (but i doubt it can be matched with the GPU due to heating etc.)

Ram: 6gb ddr3

display: 1920x1080 or 1920x1200

Please help me out im hoping to buy just after new year 2010

Thanks merry christmas everbody!
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  1. Are you even going to move this desktop replacement around? If not then please get a desktop with 3-4k AUSD it will totally blow any kind of desktop replacement laptop. Believe me I had an ASUS G70S a year back and it still can't compare to the current desktop i'm using for gaming. Almost a two year tech difference between desktop n laptops. If you still wanna go that way try looking up the new one going to be released by ASUS, the one with the 3D Vision capability Asus G51J 3D. Toshiba also releases some great desktop replacements, pricy though. Alienware sucks for the price its being sold for.
  2. import?

    with the low USD right noww buying an american laptop is a brilliant idea.

    the m15x form alienware USA is pretty awesome. or the m17x if you need the extra power. if you know someone in the US who could have it delivered to and forwarded on, you can save a ton.

    otherwise check out ebay.
  3. I still maintain that there is no such thing as a gaming laptop. Maybe wannabe gaming laptops, but the desktop is still king and probably always will be. Cheaper too.
  4. Thanks for the replys. Yes i do need to move it around so i cant have a desktop and i am well aware that desktops can out gun any laptop. The portability is a must for me please let me know if you have any more ideas. The USD is almost the same as AUS dollar which is excellent but the reliability of a laptop is always dodgy and i would feel quite uneasy having a laptop in AUS that has a warranty in the US. But i may end up getting an american laptop anyway because it is simply because there is so much more bang for your buck. Thanks again guys any more ideas let me know cheers!
  5. I bought a 20.1 inch HP laptop (not technically a gaming laptop, but it served that role nicely) I live in a very VERY small cabin and didn't have the space for a proper desk and being able to move the laptop out of the way when guests were over was very nice... and it cut down on the cable clutter nicely. So I can see where there is a need for this... however, outside of some serious/weird constraints, I'd always prefer a gaming desktop... my current desktop makes that laptop look like a toy.
  6. Bought HP DV7 i7 based laptop, using it as a desktop replacement / gaming and handling anything I can through at it.
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