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I have a NZXT Phantom case and I'm installing the H100. I plan to use the H100 as an exhaust at the top of the case. My question is can I use the included 200MM fan ontop instead of the 2 120MM fans included with the H100 as the exhaust fan? Or use the 2 120MM fans ontop (will probably buy different 120MM fans with blue LED's) as exhausts and put the 200MM on the side of the case as an intake?
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  1. You could try using the 200mm as the fan, mounting will be interesting though, you'll need to fab some sort of mount bracket as the 200mm screwholes won't line up on the radiator properly,
    I would vote for the second option you have outlined as a more practical and effective route
  2. How would you mount the H100 with a 200mm fan? The radiator mounts to 2x120mm fans...there isn't hole spacing for a 200mm fan. You'd either need to mount it directly to the case top and have the fan mounted...differently, I suppose or have a different mounting solution altogether. This being said, a 200mm fan isn't going to have the power to push or pull enough air through a 2x120 properties aren't idea for how that radiator is built- it's a moderately high FPI rad which needs some pretty decent airflow via RPM/static pressure...neither of which a 200mm fan supplies.

    Do you want this thread moved to the liquid/watercooling forum?

    Edit: Moto beat me to the punch. :)
  3. Thanks for the answers guys! And no it's fine you dont have to move it thanks though!
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