does having a good motherboard give more gaming,video,software performance.
cause i brought a phenom II and my mobo just crashed
if i get a mobo which around 150$ will i get good performance in games.

i mostly play in 1280X1024

and pls suggest a good mobo for me in amd of course

budget - 130-150$
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  1. Hi.

    The performance in games and video edition depends of the CPU, GPU and RAM, the mobo is the main component if you want OC your components, but this don't have much to do if your components are at stock speed.

    Now, for a good advice about the mobo with your budget, please post all the components of your rig:

    1- CPU
    2- GPU (single, SLI, Crossfire)
    3- RAM
    4- PSU
    5- HDD
  2. The motherboard can help, but it's the hardware that it supports that will make the difference (SLI/Xfire, AM3 vs AM2, DDR3 support...etc).

    If you're running a single card setup, and not a huge OCer, here's a good Gigabyte board.
    For an upgraded chipset and a 2nd PCIe slot, here's a good Asus board.
  3. 1- CPU - phenom II
    2- GPU - single
    3- RAM - 4Gb DDr2(mobo should supp 677,800,1066)
    4- PSU - 500W Huntkey
    5- HDD - Seagate 1TB
  4. Since you're using DDR2 RAM, either disregard the two I listed above, or you could upgrade the RAM.
  5. This Biostar board is compatible with your current hardware.
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    Well you have two options:

    1- Resell your current RAM and get this:

    RAM: G.Skill 4GB 1600 DDR3 $114.99 with free shipping.
    For mobo you have three options:

    MOBO 1: ASUS M4A77TD $74.99 after rebate and free shipping
    MOBO 2: ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO $99.99 free shipping
    MOBO 3: ASUS M4A79XTD EVO $109.99 after rebate and free shipping.


    Option 1, RAM and mobo 1: $189.98
    Option 2, RAM and mobo 2: $214.98
    Option 3, RAM and mobo 3: $224.98

    2- Keep your DDR2 and get one of this:

    ASUS M4A77D

    Now, choose the best option for you.
  7. ASUS M4A77D is ok

    thx saint19 and aford10

    i dont want to upgrade my ram because i am going to upgrade my Gpu
  8. You're welcome,
    Good luck.
  9. Any time, that's why we are here.
  10. saint19 , Aloha ,.........LongBike ( Newcomer - about 3 weeks now ) ,
    I saw your advice on Kig Game's information , Could you give me a few kicks on the ........ A8AE-LE ASUS Board , I have two of them and one in a .........,
    HP Media Center 2005 Edition.
    The machine is a ...... a1310n , but the case says ............. a1330n. I like to get the MoBo's going and into a couple cases I have here. Was driving down the street in the neighborhood and seen this computer case on the side for trash,
    so I stopped and scored it it a very expense case my friend said. He said it is a expensive gamming case and there is alot of stuff in it still. Ths surprizing part it works fine and it got alot of stuff in it but I don't know about all that game stuff.
    Anyway I am going to get it cooking and use it. But the media , like to make it work because I like the challenge of it.
    Drop me a line if you can could use some help.......... LongBike from Hawaii
  11. Hi LongBike and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Sure that I can help you, but is better if you create your own thread, with that more people can help you.

    For now, let me know what case you find in the trash, and what components you have in your A8AE-LE. I will look for your HP a1310n and read the configuration to give you some advices.

    P.D. When you create your own thread, send me the link. And excuse me for my bad English, isn't my native language.
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