Sapphire HD 4770 or HD 4850 for 1440x900

Hello All,

I'd posted a similar question earlier and thought I got my answer. But I found something new. I've got a HP a6540in PC. Planning to get a graphic card for it. After going through the discussions most of them recommend going for ATI. Here is the PC configuration: [...] ct=3750810

I'd shortlisted HD 4850 earlier. But then I read about HD4770. I'm getting Sapphire HD 4770 at a amazing price. So I'm confused as to what to buy. I plan to play mostly FPS games like COD4, Op Flash Point...and want to play it with full settings.

Please suggest which card should I go for?

And which power supply would I buy: Corsair 400W Power Supply (CX400W) or Corsair 450W Power Supply (VX450W)

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  1. A 400W would cut it, but get the 450 to be safe.
    As for the cards, there's not too much of a difference between the 770 and the 850, so go with the 4770 if you're getting a price difference of more than 20$ from the 4850. If your res is over 16x10 then you will need a higher card (4870/4890) to play at max details smoothly.
  2. a quality 400watt could power a 4850 easily, and even 4870 if your not scared to use adapters
  3. 4770 easily!! my 4770 runs at 33c idle and 50 under load , it's smaller, useses less power , runs silent ( i can't hear my comp even at night) and the performance is the same as 4850... you won't regret it man plus 4850 is very hot 60c+ idle 90c+ under load.... is this even a question :S
  4. get the xfx 4850. i have one and it blows through cod 4 at 80 to 90 fps. 22 in. monitor with 16x10 res. temps are never an issue with the xfx card. the cooler rules. and they are everywhere. for 130 dollars your set for at least the next 18 months.
  5. 4770 is usually cheaper performance is just about the same, runs cooler and requires less power i'd just buy it cuz it's cheaper anything else is a plus.
  6. At least get a HD5770 or HD4890 now!

    It's no brainier to get HD4890 if their prices are similar though.
  7. I would get the HD 5750 instead of the HD 4850.

    1. It uses less power.
    2. Same price, same performance.
    3. DX11 card.

    The Corsair should be capable of powering the HD 4870. It is more expensive than the HD 5750, but less expensive than the HD 5770. It also a little more powerful than the HD 5770, but is a DX10 card. True DX11 games will probably be out in about 6 - 9 months.
  8. Thanks guys....I'll definitely look into those as well...I'll be purchasing one of those this week...
  9. Get a 5750 instead. LOW power consumption, DX11, Eyefinity, and all the other next gen features. Plus it's significanlty faster than a 4770.
  10. A new HD 5750 would be your best bet for this situation. It performs a bit above the HD 4850 (and by association the 4770), uses less power, puts out less heat, and has DirectX 11 support. It is also at the same price point.

    Source: AMD’s Radeon HD 5770 & 5750: DirectX 11 for the Mainstream Crowd
  11. Wil a 400w corsair b enough for 5750 or 5770
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