Unable to connect to internate using wireless

I have been trying to connect wireless but is saying "windows was unable to connect to R(name of the wireless in the house) network. But wireless connections are available in the house when using accer laptop with windor vista is working. Please help
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  1. Maybe you need to supply the wireless security password and type of security (WEP, WPA etc) to your computer. Simplest to ask another resident for it.

    Alternatively, read the literature that came with the router (or download the manual from the maker). Connect your computer to the router with an ethernet cable and access the router's setup screens.

    In the router's wireless security section, note down the wireless password and wireless security type -- also check that Access List by MAC ID is disabled.

    I usually turn off router wireless security while setting up a new connection -- just to make sure it's not some else causing the prob.
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