Pc Crashes after new driver updates Radeon HD 4000 series.

Hey guys,I hope you can help me out!

I recently decided to update my graphics drivers on my pc but its not going too well to start of here are my PC specs:

Operating System: Windows

CPU Type: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor

CPU Speed: 3.02 GHz

System Memory: 4 GB

Video Card Model: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series <4850 to be exact.

Video Card Memory: 2.74 GB

Video Card Driver: aticfx32.dll

Primary Display Resolution: 1920x1200

Secondary Display Resolution: 1920x1080

Hard Disk Size: 931.41 GB

Hard Disk Free Space: 660.07 GB (71%)

So when I go to update my drivers to radeon website select the card series go win 7 64 and download the drivers,Before I install the drivers I go to control panel add/remove and remove the old driver software as the website instructed,after all the old stuff is removed I restart to be safe and install new driver software,no errors during the installation but as soon as its done monitor goes dark the pc fans start to work loudly,I wait a little with no success I power down the PC and turn it back on,starting PC back up everything works for about a minute until catalyst control center decides to load its self at which point blam black screen and pc shuts off at which point I have no choice to go safe mode and roll back to previous drivers,I tried doing it thru device manager internet option but it just told me im all up to date possibly because i never update my windows and updates are turned off.I know Im not update on drivers my software according to catalyst is 11.5 and missing some important drivers to help with the newer end videogames such as rage,the one available on the site is 11.9 or so mines several months outdated.

Anyhow I tried installing it several times no luck,would really appreciate if someone cant tell me what im doing wrong or possibly a solution!
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  1. Try to restore system to an earlier time point.

    Also, please enable auto window update. It is unwise to leave it off.

    I use AMD gpu and I found them to be very easy to install without much glitch. Next time, install newer driver over the older driver. No need to uninstall.
  2. Boot into safe mode using F8.

    Remove any ATI video drivers, you could also remove the ATI hardware from device manager.

    Reboot and let Windows detect the ATI hardware and install a generic driver.

    Reboot as this will let Windows create a last known good working profile and then install latest drivers whcih I believe are 11.9.

    x86 : http://www2.ati.com/drivers/11-9_vista32_win7_32_dd_ccc_ocl.exe

    x64 : http://www2.ati.com/drivers/11-9_vista64_win7_64_dd_ccc_ocl.exe
  3. Followed your instructions to the letter,but same as before once the installation of the drivers was complete and i clicked finish,PC loud fan noise,few beeps and a restart,I actually waited pretty long this time just to see if something pops up,curiously the screen remained black and so did my tv screen also hooked up to vid card,but my windows was working under it because I heard my Pandora player started playing some music while the screen is black.I powered off my computer and turned it back on,few minutes after desktop loaded pc shut off and a different screen with processor specs and such showed me "Hyper Transport Sync Flood Error" or something very close to that,That was actually what happened first time around when I installed drivers and had to rollback not sure whats going on...
  4. Did you try going back to the older drivers? I have seem some funky issues where the drivers enable overclocking by default which could cause the issue you are seeing.
  5. Well yeah,older drivers I got now 11.5 version work just fine with no issues,I was thinking could it be that new drivers updates increase power supply need?because the flow error from my google search results sometimes from overheating or insufficient voltage i got a ton of fans cooling down the comp so it cant be that,but my power supply is pretty weak only 420W or so.
  6. CPU 95W GPU 110W - unless your PSU is dying, it is not issue here.

    U don't have to use the newest drivers.

    Did u messed with the memory voltage?
  7. I'd just keep the older driver version. Safer than having your video card and system stressed from having to kill it due to no video and also whatever the drivers are doing to the card that causes it to lose video. I am thinking that something with the drivers is causing the card to try to ramp up it's clock speeds to the point that it does not work, I have a tiny memory poking out that is telling me I read that this has happened before. Maybe poke around the web a bit, or AMD support site, see what you can find.
  8. Thanks for help all of you guys :) I decided to just upgrade vid card and PSU picked up Amd Radeon HD 6870 and a 600w PSU,shouldnt have any issues I hope,should be arriving in few days ^^
  9. I was able to go from 11.5 to 11.7 by doing a custom install. I only installed the SDK runtime instructions from AMD's driver update. I've had almost the same issues, my comp. freezes on start up evertime after doing a full driver update for my video card. So d.l. the 11.7 driver and uncheck all install options besides the SDK Runtime instructions and you should be good to go on games like BF3 (which is crap anyways)
  10. Athlon 645
    8GB pc12600
    Ati Radeon 6670

    It might be the crappy motherboard also on my ACER AX1420?
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