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I have a CoolerMaster Storm Scout, currently with stock cooling plus a side fan. As of now I have a Coolermaster V8 on my Core i7 but I am planning on buying a Corsair H50 cooler. I know that it recommends blowing air into the case over the cpu, but I was wondering a couple things, should I leave the current back fan and use the corsair fan also, and if so which ways should I mount the fans? Second I was planning on taking the fan out of my Coolermaster V8 and putting it in the other side fan spot, I was wondering if that fan should be blowing in or out. Current fan setup, front fan in, top fan out, side fan in, back fan out, Coolermaster V8 out, PSU out(of course), I want to minimize the heat around my 4870x2 video card as both my cpu and video card have been running hot, I have cleaned my case of dust reapplied thermal compound, but both running hot still, this is why I am upgrading to new cpu heatsink. I am just wondering on which way to have my fans blow to minimize heat in the case?

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  1. General rule of thumb is: Front and side fans in, rear and top fans out.
  2. ^5 +1 what Herr_Koos said. That is the standard fan configuration. No need to change it.
  3. Well I decided to mess around with set ups of fans and for best temps I have, back in, side in, top out, front in, video card out, psu out. I tested a few times and different setups, but this was what worked best for me. Thanks for the advice though guys.
  4. yeah all those silly engineers that design those standard air configurations what do they

    Hey your results don't lie.
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