Gigabyte GeForce 275 hits 90 degrees when running FurMark

Just got this card yesterday and ran FurMark to verify that it doesn't get too hot.
It landed at 88-89 degrees then, so I felt I had to get the temperature lower.

I discovered that there was practically no flow of air below the graphics card at all (Antec Ninehundred Gamer case), so I moved hard-drives that were blocking the fans on the front of the case and starting it up again found that there's now plenty of air beneath the card (PSU is right across from the card, not sure if this creates a big conflict)

It's all stock equipment, no fans swapped or added anywhere and all the fans in the Antec case are running at max power.

Yet it still lands at 88 degrees. Despite the majorly increased air flow.

Is 90 degrees really a realistic figure? It sounds dangerously high. From what I've seen in reviews of this card, it should land at around 80 degrees during heavy load...

So, is 90 dangerously high and what kind of things could I do to lower the temperature?
I'm not very big on the idea of buying more or third-part cooling. Partly because it's messy and costs even more money and partly because I'm pretty convinced it shouldn't even be necessary.

I really don't know what to do. Advice would be appreciated ^^;
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  1. <--- dl this and turn up your fan speed on your vid card.
  2. Why_Me said: <--- dl this and turn up your fan speed on your vid card.

    I've looked at that.
    From what I've gathered by reading around, it stays at 40% until it reaches like above 100 degrees, whereupon it goes 100%...

    So what should I put it on all the time then?
    I still kinda don't like doing that as a solution though, since it's treating the symptoms rather than finding the cause :/
  3. The cause is that GPU's generally run hot. if nVidia and ATI did not clock the cards so high, we would not be having these GPU temperature problems.

    You could always underclock the card, but then you would be losing the performance you thought you were buying.

    Then again, furmark is really hard on a GPU.
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