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Can I OC this set up Safetly?


Afraid that I will burn up my processor and video card if I OC them with Stock Cooling. I'm planning to push up my GPU a tad, but want to see if I can get up to 4.3 ghz with the processor.

Prolly want to push the GPU to 975/1000 with Afternburner.

I have no cooling system and 600w. Can I do it?

Oh, and I don't know the best software for OC'ing the CPU, but am going to use MSI Afterburner to push the GPU.


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  1. I'm not that up to speed on GPU over-clocking but as for pushing your CPU up to 4.3 GHz I would suggest you buy a third party heatsink. I currently use a hyper 212 evo to cool my i5 2500k and that is easily good enough to cool it up to at least 4.3 GHz. I believe the hyper 212 series can be used with your CPU socket and will only set you back around $30. Just one word of warning, make sure your case is large enough for any third party cooler you purchase, some of them can be very tall and not fit in thinner cases.

    Hope that helps
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    you can overclock cpu/gpu safely at stock cooling, but only a little , because temps will not allow you to push your parts higher

    all venders offers their softwares for overclocking their parts , so for best software you can check websites of your part venders
    like ati tray tool for ati card, and amd over drive for amd cpu with amd chipset, or Asus AI Pro overclocking utility or Asus AI Suite Utility

    bios is best for overclocking

    (their is only a little headroom for oc with your 600w psu)
  3. Your GPU doesnt have 'Stock' Cooling - its a Twin Frozr - Pretty much the best aftermarket air cooling solution you can get for a GPU - 'Stock' Cooling would be the reference cooler that AMD specified - MSI have whacked their own cooler on it - an awesomeone at that. You should be able to push your GPU a LONG way thanks to this.

    Your CPU - as mention before - needs an aftermarket cooler.
  4. Thanks guys. I guess my setup will be ok with a little bios oc "set up for performance"

    Didn't known know that after market cooling for gnu just means the fans installed.

    Thanks for the help. I won't push it too far because of both CPU and psu constraints.

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