Christmas PC upgrade

Hi, I recently decided to upgrade my computer due to christmas sales. Right now the problem is I'm afraid that the heatsink will be too large.

Parts I'll be purchasing:

Heat sink:


Ram: OCZ gold

I'm just wondering will I have any space issues with either of the motherboards
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  1. Brotha brotha, what case are you using?

    There shouldn't be any issues with the motherboards themselves. We need to know what case you have...
  2. ^5 +1 what englander753 said.

    There will not be any issues with the motherboard or memory. Just intall the memory before installing the cpu heatsink.

    The real issue as englandr753 correctly pointed out is the width of your pc case. That cpu heatsink is one of those 160mm tall tower styles. You'll have to make sure your case is wide enough to accomodate it. A case that is at least 8 inches wide should not be a problem.
  3. watch out for side intake fans
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