No DVD Detected on my HP laptop

I can no longer detect my DVD drive on my HP Pavillion laptop. I've tried several recoveries with no success.
1.) Reloading drive software
2.) Checking for Uppper/Lower Filters in the registry KEYS - Not present
3.) I tried installing two backup hard drives with the same OS.
4.) I replaced the DVD drive.
5.) I tried removing the hard drive and booting with a bootable DVD disc. No Luck.
6.) The dvd drive initializes when I power up the Laptop. The LEDs work and it ejects fine.

Any ideas what to try next?
Mr. Jim
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  1. 6. tells us that the drive is getting power, but don't confirm that it's sending or receiving data.

    Sounds like there's an issue with either the data connection to the drive, or with the port to which the drive is connected.

    If it's a removable drive (some laptop drive are), then maybe the connection got damaged in a removal or reinsertion. If you can see it, have a look at the connector. As for the port, well, that's deep inside the chipset, and not reachable.

    You can try taking it in for repairs - I suspect they'd try replacing the motherboard, and / or the connection from the motherboard to the drive.

    If that sounds too expensive, you could use an external DVD drive.
  2. what model hp?
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