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I have a Amd 960t zoma unlocked and slight overclock at 3.58. With a 1.38 core voltage. My idle temp is 34C and max temp is 61 C. It seem to high considering it is cooled by a Hydro 60 with 2 120mm fans in a push pull. Also i have two 200mm fan in the front of my case and the top. I have been able to overclock it to 4.1 ghz with just a 1.42 voltage but temps get up to 65C. Do these temps sound right or do i need to clean the thermal paste and re-paste it
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    I'd say those temps are a little high for that speed and voltage. re-apply the thermal paste and make sure the wire for the pump is connected properly. Since it goes to a fan header just set it at 100% :D
  2. You could also just use a fan header to Molex adapter so that the pump is always at 100%. Manually setting the fan speeds would help too, though that would mean more noise so it's up to you.
  3. Thanks when i installed it i couldn't get all the factory thermal paste off and i put just a dab of Arctic Silver Ceramique. Alright i'll will get all of the thermal stuff off and connect the pump to a molex. ALso does it hurt having the factory case 120 mm fan pushing and the corsair one pulling? Since there different fans.
  4. As long as both fans are pointing air out of the case they are working together. If you have them both pushing air towards or away from the radiator though then that's not much help :p.
  5. don't make it pass 60'c
    65'c at liquid! Strange
    check if you have installed your cooling correctly.
    Clear old paste and apply right amount of a arctic silver or other good quality paste

    i think your radiator are out side the case, if so, then other fans will not affect your temp
  6. Ok i just cleaned all the paste off and put back on the cpu cooler. I didn't put it back on as tight. Because i think i might have put it on too tight before. My highest temp after running prime blender for an hour is 43 c. Now I'm just running everything stock accept unlocking it and my cpu z is reporting my core voltage is 1.224 is that correct? Shouldn't it be higher even at stock.
  7. they seems ok
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