Unthreaded holes in side case fan... ARGH!

I hope the title is descriptive enough.

Ever since I purchased this XIGMATEK 120mm fan with purple LEDs, it's cause me nothing but headaches and screws stripped bare. Most of this has to do with not having three arms. How do I simultaneously hold both the side panel, the fan, and a screwdriver? I am guessing that the proper method somehow obviates the need to hold the side panel.

Despite the thread's title, this is a bigger problem than the fact that the screw holes are unthreaded. I have no idea if this is standard for case fans, but it nevertheless proves frustrating when trying to undo my many abortive attempt at snugly fitting in all four screws. On my first attempt, I managed to get in three screws most of the way through, which worked fine until the fan started making a horrible rattling noise from its own vibration because it was not held down tightly enough.

My i7 920 is breaking a sweat when overclocked just to 3.337 GHz, reaching a max of 73°C (average ~67°C) even after I refitted my Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO heatsink. As such, I would vastly appreciate anything to lower its temperature even slightly, and this fan would certainly help.
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  1. Hold side panel between legs, hold case fan in one hand, and screwdriver in the other. You could also use tape to hold it in place while you screw it in.
  2. Put the fan down on a table, put the panel on top the feed the screw through, fans that come unthreaded usually come with screws that have a notch cut down each side of the thread, this bites into the casing as you screw, first time can be tough so do it and make the thread first, unscrew them then it will feed easier when you put it through the panel
  3. put all 4 screws one at the time but do not tight them until all 4 are screwed half way to the fan
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