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Hi all, just wondering if anyone can help, I am having virgin broadband installed soon, and will be receiving an N series router, I have a wireless G at the moment and not long bought the wireless adapter to match it. So my question is, will this adapter I have finally got work with the N series router? Will it actually connect at more that 54mbps (which is the maximum it will get at the moment)???
Any help would be gratefully received!

Kind Regards,

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  1. Yes it will work, so long as in the router's wireless settings, wireless mode you select G or mixed mode.

    No, you won't gain any speed from N router except with G wireless adapters.

    Does it matter ? Probably not, given that the max speed from Virgin is less than the stated speed of the adapter -- and all the figures are lies anyway !
  2. Oh right! Cheers for that! I thought that would be the case!

    So you don't rate virgin then, my friend? The bride needs it for work as the council use virgin media themselves and prefer it. I would stay with talk talk, as they have been alot better than AOL ever was, and no connection issues at all! Is there anything that I need to look out for with virgin then? Any major problems???

    Thanks for the reply!

  3. Virgin is no worse than any other as far as speed promised/delivered is concerned.

    The only thing you may be aware of is that as the service reaches more people on the loop the speed deteriorates -- obviously more so at certain times of day. Lucky friends of mine were the first on a cable loop and had spectacular speeds because they were the only users !

    The lies really refer to wireless networking -- what claims to be 54mbs will never exceed 20 or so because it's a duplex system -- and then you have to allow for further gross losses at the limits of range or due to interference.
  4. Just had the virgin fitted, the wife has noticed the difference in speed on her laptop running windows 7, but my pc running xp is just the same with the G adapter, would it be that her new laptop already has an N series wireless card in it? Would it be a bit quicker if I purchased an N compatible one?


  5. There would be no point unless you want to send files between your PC and her laptop a little faster. Your G connection is already much faster than your actual internet connection, so if there were any gains, they would be so little that you wouldn't notice them in daily use.

    I upgraded from G to N and saw no difference in my internet speeds. My network speeds were much higher, but since I only use my network for internet connection, they were negligible.
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