What graphics card best suits my PC??

Hi guys i am just wondering if you guys can tell me what graphics card suits me the best i am willing to spend 100$ but the cheaper the better for me so here are my specs:

Model: hp pavilion a1324

motherboard: ECS RC410-M

power supply : Hipro HP-D3057F3R LF 300w

hard drive : 300 gb

memory 1gb

also i would want to play flight simulator 2004 on med to high graphics
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  1. ATI 4670 512mb or Nvidia 9600GSO
  2. so both of these cards are compatible? if so please recommend the best one
  3. I have

    Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93 ghz processor

    Intel DG41RQ MotherBoard (have x16 pci.e only - "NOT 2.0x16" )

    Samsung 19inch Analog TFT moniter

    pls reccoment a hi-end Nvidia graphics card which suits my configuration
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