Fan problems

My Spec

Intel DP45SG Mortherboard
HIS 4650
2GB DDR3 1333MHz
450W PSU

I currently have the stock CPU fan connected.

Also I have some 80mm fans which have 2 pins and they are connected to the 4 pin wire that comes from the PSU. When i connect 2 of them the system is ok. But when i add another one (total of 3 80mm fans) the power just goes off. No alarms. No warnings. It just turns off itselft.

y does this happen?
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  1. I would suspect the PSU is close to its maximum output and plugging in the third fan is too much.

    You would be better off swapping those 80 mm fans for 1 or 2 120mm ones...

    As for the power issue what brand is the PSU ?
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