Unlocking Athlon x3 455 w/ Biostar A880g+

Hey all. Posted this over in the regular CPU forum and wasn't sure where i should post this question so copying here. If it doesn't belong here yell and I will delete. Thanks

Hey all. Just got a Athlon x3 455 and a Biostar A880G+ motherboard. I'm new to unlocking the 4th core. During the boot I see a "xxx is enabled, press f4 to unlock". After that I get the blue screen of death when windows starts and t reboots. Then I have the option of pressing f3 to unlock 3rd core. Hit f3 and it goes back to the option of hitting f4 (i dont this time) and it goes into windows fine. Am I missing any steps or is the 4th locked for a reason which is what Im assuming? ACC is on auto. Thanks
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  1. I'm no AMD expert but this probably indicates that the fourth core is unlockable/unstable.
    50/50 chance of unlocking cores ya know!
  2. use some voltage boost
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