Wrong memory bus set in the bios

I accidentally chose 400 instead of 266 MHz in the bios and now, i only get a black screen when i turn on the laptop.Anyway to recover from that? By the way it is a gateway MT3705. Thanks
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  1. If you can access the motherboard, you may be able to remove the battery for a few seconds with the system turned off. That should reset the ram speed in the bios. Or desktop boards have a cmos jumper on the board. You move the jumper over one position keeping 2 out of 3 pins covered, then return to original position after about one minute. The cmos jumper is marked with white id lettering, if your board has it.
  2. He did mention it was a laptop and laptops do not have reset jumpers (generalization - flame alert). You have to take it apart Im afraid.

    Here is a person who had about the same issue you have - and his solution. Best of luck

  3. Thanks so much to all who answered my question. I will follow the recommendations and see if i get lucky. Thanks again
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