Need recommendation for a hardware upgrade

HI everyone

I'm going to upgrade my hardware, I need your recommendation to choose the brand and model.
I,m a 3D architecture designer and I use 3dsmax 2009. I need to render high quality scenes with heavy lighting fast.
the hardware I'm going to upgrade are : CPU, main board, Graphic Card

also my budget is limited. I can spend about 700$ for these 3.

I think 4 GB RAM would be enough for me.
what is your recommendation?
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  2. what are you using now? it might be more worth it to take that $700 and invest in a workstation video card for that specific use. they however do not come on the cheap.

    as an edit: what you are asking from a computer is quite a bit so with a budget there is gonna have to be compromise. So it would help us all to get the specs of everything you have right now to get the best bang for your buck.
  3. my computer specs are:
    cpu 3.4
    ram 1 GB
    graphic card 7300 gt

    quite low for 3ds max rendering
  4. Did you look at the specs i posted ?
  5. I recommend getting the Intel i5-750 and a suitable motherboard (depends what features you want and how much to spend). If in doubt, get an Asus or Gigabyte board.

    I can't comment on the card too much as you likely want a Workstation graphics card (I think Quadro FX?).

    If a gaming card will do you I highly recommend the Sapphire Vapor-X HD5750 1GB (on sale at NCIX for $160 CDN or slightly less USD probably).

    In the near future, software will be written to support the OpenCL/DirectCompute features of DX11 cards. This card is still quite powerful as a gaming card even though it's not the top of the heap. It also idles at 16Watts.
  6. well, yup my iranian friend.
    and I really appreciate that.

    I just like to have some recommendation and then choose one of them.
    you know what? 700$ is too much money for me as an student. I need to spend it carefully.
  7. I got some nice reviews for GTX260.

    but i'm not sure about that. the NVIDIA vs ATI battle is annoying me while I need to choose one!
  8. GTX 260 is a gaming card,no need to get it if you don't want to game,i think HD 5750 would be a good choice for you
  9. guys, what about 5850 and gtx275?

    they're a bit expensive but I think they will be cheaper in a month or two...
  10. Do you even read others posts :) ? if you aren't going to game there is no need to spend more for a 5850 or gtx 275,a lower-end card like 5750 will do the job
  11. well, because 3D designing is going to be my job, I really like to have the best performance. the higher specs, the less rendering time I guess.
    guess what?
    right now I'm rendering a simple scene , 300 frames. It is going to take about 2 days and a half!

    that's why I really like to have the best thing ...
    I will consider your suggestion.
  12. 3D Designing relies on CPU too so a better CPU is has more effect than a better VGA, a HD 5750 can handle it fine as long as you have a good CPU :) no need to get a better VGA
  13. I searched a lot and finally I think I should stick to your list

    thanx maziar
  14. ehsan_nekooee said:
    I searched a lot and finally I think I should stick to your list

    thanx maziar

    No problem glad to help :)
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